Visiting Our NYC Hair Salon: How To Have The Best Experience?

We all know that not every NYC hair salon treats customers in the same way. No matter how hard they try, there will always be hairstylists with different skills and different approach to your hair. Whether you have a thick and curly hair or…
diy hair coloring

DIY Hair Coloring: A Thing That Every Woman Should Forget

A lot of women have been there - trying to master DIY hair coloring at home but not knowing that it may result in a total failure. The truth is, no one ever told us that DIY hair coloring is something best left aside. Wondering why?Well,…
hair trends 2017

The 5 Biggest Hair Trends For 2017

The new year just kicked in - and it's time for new changes. And whether you are planning on attending a wedding or just want to look better, a new hairdo can work wonders for you. They say that 2017 is the year of hair trends and that there…