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Every great NYC hair salon offers the Ombre highlights hair color service as the perfect way to shade your hair in gradient and permeate it with an edgy aesthetic. In reality, Ombre highlights are very popular in New York City nowadays and can reinvent a woman’s hairstyle and add it a unique accent.

At Albert Amin Salon, we specialize in exclusive NYC Ombre highlights as one of our main services that makes your hairstyle modern, unique and complimenting to your skin tone, face and spirit.

Looking For The Best NYC Ombre Highlights Hair Salon?

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Albert Amin Salon is your one-stop destination for the ultimate NYC Ombre look. Our team of expert NYC hairstylists can help you pull off the best bridal Ombre hairstyle or the perfect highlights for daily wear.

Whether your skin is light or dark, there are dozens of NYC Ombre highlights and combinations we can experiment with. For example, darker skin types go with coppers and deep reds, while fairer skin tones perfectly match the caramel and blonde colors.

At Albert Amin Salon, we will do everything to help you get the most exclusive NYC Ombre highlights look. From applying lighter tones to the lower section of your hair to fading them out gently as it moves upward, our premium Ombre highlighting technique is known as one of the best in New York City.

Your NYC Ombre Highlights Look Depends On These Things

There are a few important things to know before pulling off a NYC Ombre look.

First and foremost, the NYC Ombre highlights are nowhere near the traditional highlights – meaning that instead of separating your natural hair from the highlight, they should perfectly blend and create a balance so that even though your hair keeps on growing, its growth is not as noticeable. That is why our NYC Ombre hairstylists always keep the tips of your hair at a few shades lighter than your roots.

Although they are different, an Ombre look can also incorporate hand-painted Balayage highlights, lowlights or any other alternate color. Thinking that Ombre and Balayage are the same thing is a common misconception among people, although both hairstyles refer to two very different things. Aside from Balayage which is a technique stylists use to achieve the NYC Ombre highlights look, Ombre is actually a hairstyle that is the result of many different coloring and shading techniques.

At Albert Amin Salon, we specialize in all highlighting and shading techniques that result in a NYC Ombre look that has the right length, depth of color, additional highlight hues, hand painted tips and most importantly – the perfect balance for a natural looking and glowing hair.

Want A NYC Ombre Highlights Look With Minimal Maintenance?

Ombre hairstyles are one of the most popular look of this century – and that has a lot to do with the minimal maintenance that the NYC Ombre highlights demand from you. Although the look may be complicated to pull off because of the base of the highlights that starts deeper and then fades out into a lighter shade, the Ombre hairstyle draws many women to the look because of the easy maintenance.

Without the commitment of doing a single process every 4 or 5 weeks, the Ombre makes the highlights look grown out while still maintaining a natural look, even after the natural growth of your hair. Universal, unique, modern and customizable – the NYC Ombre highlights look gives a dimensional and richer shade to any woman’s hair.

Once You Go Ombre, You Never Go Back

This year, there are a lot of NYC Ombre trends that emerged. With celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez rocking out the Ombre looks, it is true that everyone can opt for the perfect NYC Ombre highlights and pull off a natural looking bronze, blonde, subdued or diffused Ombre highlights. And if you love to spice things up a bit and appear more dramatic, there are many NYC Ombre highlights that perfectly mix the violets, reds, pinks and even blues.

From the lower sections of your hair to the upward ones, our exclusive NYC Ombre highlights at Albert Amin Salon will definitely give you the glamorous look of a fashion icon and result in an eye-catching and gorgeous hair that matches your skin tone and personality.

So, Are You Up To Giving Your Head The Best NYC Ombre Highlights Look?

Our expert NYC Ombre hairstylists invite you to our chairs – where we take care of your hair in the best way possible. Combining different freehand techniques, the best hair colors and a cutting-edge technology, the result are the most exclusive NYC Ombre highlights you have ever seen.

And even though you may think that the celebrity Ombre look is hard to achieve, let our team of experts at Albert Amin Salon prove you wrong. Nothing looks as good as a NYC Ombre look on any hair color, shading from deep to lighter tones through the ends and making your hair glamorous and sophisticated.

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