3 Tips to Get Rid Of Brassy Hair and Restore Your Natural Hair Beauty

You want to fix your orange hair and reach a more pleasant hair color? These 3 tips can help you get rid of brassy hair and restore your natural hair beauty!

What is Brassy Hair Exactly?

Brassy hair is a term used to describe a specific unwanted warmth in hair. Speaking more specifically – the dreaded yellow-orange shades that commonly occur after the hair has been highlighted, dyed, chemically processed, and etc.

What Causes Brassy Hair?

Believe it or not, the hair is more than one color, even if we see once shade only. If you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll see that beneath your hair color, there are a variety of warm shades which contribute to the appearance of your hair color. These warm shades provide depth and darkness, your hair needs to look the way it looks.

Besides the warm shades, there are also cool shades that also contribute to the hair color. This is the reason why your hair looks like a natural and balanced tone. These shades balance out the warmth in order to form the hair color you actually see when you look yourself in the mirror.

If you are not a natural blonde, you have to bleach your hair in order to become one. In this case, you are exposed to brassy hair because of the way your hair is toned. The dark hair that is lightened with bleach is lightened in a way that it reveals the warm tones. These tones range from deep red to banana yellow. Once the hair reaches yellow color, it means that it can be toned blonde with a dye in order to balance out the tallow shade and create a natural blonde color.

With hair dyes or other coloring agents, the blonde tones can and do actually fade. This is when the brassy hair occurs. Once the blonde dye starts to fade, the cool tones disappear from your hair which causes more gold, copper, and yellow shades to become visible in your hair.

3 Tips to Fix Brassy Orange Hair Color Tones

These 3 tips can help you get rid of your brassy orange hair color tones:

  1. Get Color-Protective Products: One way to get rid of your brassy hair is to use conditioners and masques. The conditioners and masques must be for color-treated hair but make sure to be without a violet pigment. These products can help you nourish your hair color and ensure your hair looks healthy, soft, shiny, and hydrated.
  2. Go to a Hair Salon for a Toner: Most women who already highlight or color the hair blonde will be familiar with toners. The hair colorists usually apply tones all over the hair as a final step in the procedure. The toner tones down brassiness and help the shades in your hair to harmonize together. The toners come in all kinds of shades. However, a blue or a violet base is usually used to lighten and restore your hair color.
  3. Get a Purple Shampoo: When you color or highlight your hair, you’ve got like a little rainbow of color molecules located into the hair cuticle. As they are the tiniest, it is the blue molecules that go MIA first which leave you with reddish and yellowish hair. And you know that this causes brassy orange hair. However, the purple shampoos are an ideal solution to fix the brassy orange hair as they are the opposite of orange. The violet pigments these shampoos contain shit the brassiness down completely and restore your hair color.

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