The Best Wedding Hairstyles To Watch Out For In 2017

Finding a great NYC wedding hairstylist has always been a tough call for ladies, especially when it comes to choosing some of the best wedding hairstyles. Whether you are the star of your wedding or are attending one soon, you should know that a hairstyle can make or break the look.

Today, we are rounding up the best wedding hairstyles in 2017 as seen and worn on the glamour events so far.

So, let’s begin.

1. Laissez-Hair: A Relaxed And Elegant Look

The free flowing and relaxed up-dos are rocking this season. It all looks fresh, contemporary and unfussy. This wedding hairstyle is a cool alternative to the traditional chignon we all know of and can be a great update to a classic and more formal gown. Paired perfectly with a laid-back bridal look or an elegant dress, it is best accented through the texture of your hair.

And the best part?

The Laissez-Hair is a trend that is comfortable to wear and won’t break too easily.

best wedding hairstyles

2. Sexy Curly For A Stunning Look

If you are lucky to have a long hair, the sexy and curly wedding look will definitely complement any dress – whether bridal or a bridesmaid one. It accents the natural flow of the color and gives volume to your hair, resulting in a sexy curly look no one would miss.

You can even give this curly wedding look a Balayage or Ombre highlights retreat to make it more special and elegant.

best wedding hairstyles

3. A Charming Updo: One Of The Best Wedding Hairstyles

A charming updo is easily one of the best wedding hairstyles of 2017 but also a trend that never fades away. It perfectly accents the hair but also leaves open space on the shoulders and puts the focus to the face and makeup. Regardless of the hair type or hairstyle, a charming updo can really make your wedding look beautifully natural.

Your NYC hairstylist can even play with it, adding twists, braids and curls or ‘freestyling’ the look and making it even more special.

best wedding hairstyles

4. Creative Braids With Nice Decorations

Braids have always been ‘in’. They have also been a standard in the best wedding hairstyles and a style that never dies. There are millions of ways to style braids depending on your hair type and color. They are perfectly accented on hair that is highlighted or even if that’s not the case – can be nicely decorated with delicate flowers and small details accenting the look.

best wedding hairstyles

5. Retro Styled Haircuts

We can all learn a lot from the basics in wedding hairstyles. In fact, retro hairstyles are known to be some of the best wedding hairstyles that exceed everyone’s expectations. Perfectly accenting the natural hair color, these retro haircuts can feature buns or curls. The best way to style them, though, is based on the face shape and hair type.

best wedding hairstyles

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are getting married, acting as a bridesmaid or simply attend the wedding as a guest – as long as you have one of the best wedding hairstyles, you will get all the looks and compliments. Obviously, picking the right outfit is the other factor that complements a hairstyle – and one that should revolve around your hair look.

From tousled waves to chic up-dos, picking one from the best wedding hairstyles can be tough. Luckily, you can attend more weddings in different styles and see the best one for your own special day!

Book your wedding appointment in our NYC hair salon today and get a wedding hairstyle of your dreams!