DIY Hair Coloring: A Thing That Every Woman Should Forget

diy hair coloring

A lot of women have been there – trying to master DIY hair coloring at home but not knowing that it may result in a total failure. The truth is, no one ever told us that DIY hair coloring is something best left aside. Wondering why?

Well, there is more than one answer to this question.

DIY Hair Coloring At Home Is A Big No-No – Wondering Why?

First of all, women shouldn’t even try to get into DIY hair coloring because of their amateurism. And just like every job, hair coloring is a process that demands patience and the right hands to make most of it.

A lot of women do not even know what they are getting themselves into when performing DIY hair coloring. The hair is the one that suffers most, tricking their eyes into thinking that it is changed in a good way – while in reality it looks nothing like it.

You cannot even compare professional hair coloring with DIY home coloring – the hair done at home is only one shade and looks pretty basic. On the other hand, visiting a NYC hair salon will get you any shade you like, from Ombre to Balayage and many more.

One more thing…

Not every hair color results with shine, volume and a glamorous look. Unfortunately, women see this the wrong way, after ruining their hair and then looking for expert hairstyling after a DIY hair coloring session that went bad.

Maintaining The Hair Color Is Even Trickier…

Even if you decide to perform DIY hair coloring at home, you will likely find out that maintenance is a vital part of the process. While at a professional NYC hair salon you will get the right treatment with a color-protecting spray, an UV spray and tons of other tools – at home you are left with only a shampoo and conditioner that don’t do the job enough well.

diy hair coloring

Messing up your hair is therefore fine, only if you consider a re-touch at your local NYC hairstylist. After all, you will at least see the value of a colored hair that is done professionally and how it differs from the attempts you were trying to pull out yourself.

The knowledge that women lack is another part of the DIY hair coloring process that needs to come to an end. Using ingredients like ammonia, coal tar and lead acetate is dangerous. On top of that, it can completely dry and fry the hair, poisoning it and stealing its shine and volume.

The bottom line is that DIY hair coloring is a process best done by professionals – but also a process that requires regular maintenance and re-touches. When attempted at home, it results with nothing but pure amateurism – even if you think it looks right in the short run.

Get Your NYC Hair Coloring Done By A Professional

For that reason, we welcome you to Albert Amin Salon – a professional, certified and award-winning NYC hair salon that offers a variety of hair coloring services. We take pride in reinventing your hair color and giving it the most natural shine and volume.

diy hair coloring

Aside from professionally coloring it, we can make sure that your hair is properly highlighted as well. From Ombre to Balayage, there is a range of services that are best known as today’s trends in the hairstyling industry. And when it comes to touch-ups, you can change your poor ones with our professional ones, and your home tools with the best maintenance sets to make your hair shine and avoid ‘fixing’ it on your own.

If you desperately want to stop hitting the bottle and erase DIY hair coloring from your home list, you should book your appointment in our NYC hair salon today and get a professional hair coloring treatment that saves you time and money. Without ruining your hair and with the money in your pocket that you wanted to give on a hair color product, we will take care of you and provide your hair the best coloring, care and maintenance.

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