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NYC Hair Extensions: 5 Rules You Should Know

NYC hair extensions

‘Ah, those celebrities. How do they have such voluminous, flowing and shiny hair?’ – you are asking yourself.

Little do you know that the trick is simple – they have found a hair salon they can trust when it comes to premium NYC hair extensions. It’s true that hair extensions can turn a chin-length bob to a long and wavy look. And aside from celebrities, NYC hair extensions are rocked by many women on a daily basis. The problem with you not seeing them is their quality and the professional approach of the hair salon in New York that they regularly visit.

Today, we are listing the five ways to find the best NYC hair extensions and take advantage of them, giving your hair a natural look no one could question.

1. Find The Best NYC Hair Salon

We know that finding a reliable NYC hair salon that works with 100% natural hair extensions may be hard. Still, if you search for REMY hair extensions in NYC, you may find a hair salon that is an official reseller of them and is able to make your hair gorgeous.

At Albert Amin Salon, we work with Remy hair extensions only, committed to natural and long-lasting results.

2. Choose Your Type OF NYC Hair Extensions

Nowadays, there are tons of hair extensions – and it is important for you to know all the types. From glue-in to sew-in, strand by strand, weft hair extensions, cold fusion or micro-links, it is hard to learn what every hair extension is about.

The only thing you need to make sure is the health of your hair – and whether the NYC hair extensions you choose will extend it or mask it for a limited time.


3. Choose The Style You Want

Aside from giving your hair the thickness and volume it needs, you have to choose the style and color for your NYC hair extensions. Today, there are many different colors and styles, making it hard to choose the best one that fits your hair.

There are even Ombre and Balayage hair extensions out there, which can complement your look. You can consult with our team of professional hairstylists at Albert Amin NYC hair salon and find out what type of extension would best suit your hair.

4. Always Consider The Right Styling As The Most Vital Element

They say that the right styling can either break or make the look. With extensions, this rule totally applies.

That being said, it is important that you visit an experienced, licensed and locally owned NYC hair salon when going for hair extensions. After all, the right styling is what separates fake hair from real one and something that will add volume and thickness to your hairstyle.

5. Maintain Your NYC Hair Extensions With Proper Styling

If you think that NYC hair extensions are a ‘do it and go’ job, you are completely wrong. They need maintenance, and the best maintenance you can give them is a visit to your regular NYC hair salon for proper styling and adapting the curls and twists to blend into the extension.

Whether it’s long and straight or bouncy with curls, a hair that uses NYC hair extensions that are natural needs maintenance, proper blowing techniques and a style revamp every once in a while.

Book Your NYC Hair Extensions Appointment Today

If you are in for making your hair great, the best way is to book your hair extensions appointment in our NYC hair salon. Not only our experts at Albert Amin work with the best NYC Remy hair extensions, they will also make sure that your hair won’t thin or break.

And yes, our NYC hair extensions will definitely put you in the list of celebrities you have been admiring lately and make your hair impeccably stylish wherever you appear.