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Hair Color Salon | Best Blonde Highlights | Hair Color Correction

How We Pick the Best Blonde Highlights for a Natural Blonde in our Hair Color Salon!

In our Hair Color Salon, one of largest requests from new color clients is a major color change from dark to blonde. Whether you desire platinum or natural looking best blonde highlights this can be achieved in one  salon visit. Especially if your hair is dark or previously colored . The largest challenge we see as colorists is new clients expectations of what can be achieved in a 3 hour appointment. Blonde is often achieved over multiple processes, but we do it in one salon visit. Our colorists have the knowledge to deliver beautiful hair color with dimension and vibrancy, and will educate you on the best way to maintain your color in between salon visits. This color concierge service was created to give a salon client plenty of time for the colorist to perform multiple services in one day to achieve major transformations all at one.

albert amin salon  hair color salon, best blonde highlights


Albert Amin will pick the best blonde hair highlights for natural blondes, finishing with ShadesEQ Redken toner gloss.


Being already a natural blonde, you’re one step ahead of the game. One of the things I would discuss would be, what kind of look are you looking for for your natural blonde hair? Is it something subtle or something more dramatic? One of the things we could do together would be to look at some pictures. A lot times our clients can offer us a whole arrangement of different types of blonde we can have. Being that your hair is already naturally blonde, the process is much more simple.

We could either go in with a foil or a balayage technique and paint lightener on a few or many pieces of hair depending on your desired lightness, or the desired result you’d like to have. But being a natural blonde is one step ahead of the rest. Much, much easier. So you have your natural hair, again, we’ll decide which hair to make lighter. How light to make it and then based on your skin tone, we can either apply a toner to bring out cool tones or warm tones. For decades professional hair color companies Wella & Loreal  have been setting the industry’s standard. These color lines have a deeper and cleaner dye content than many other color lines. They are able to penetrate the hair better without having to use fillers and chemicals to make color attach to hair because of the botanical based, micro milled color pigment.At the end of the day, you have your natural hair and we’re just beautifying it.