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Dealing with brassy blond or bland brown locks?

Knowing which hues will enhance your look are key to getting your best hair color ever. And if you’re considering a change, we have some expert tips on how to find your perfect hair color.

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Get ready to show off a new, gorgeous you!

albert amin salon albert amin salon

Coloring For the First Time? Nervous about taking the color plunge? At Best Hair Color Salon , Albert Amin  suggests trying other alternatives before going all the way. “Highlights or lowlights will subtly enhance your look, whereas an overall color will add dimension and/or depth to your present one,” he explains.  “If you’re coloring your hair for the very first time, I’d recommend very subtle highlights or a semi-permanent color. I’d also recommend this if you’re seeking a natural style or want to cover some gray.”

If you’ve never had your hair chemically treated or if you’re going for a completely different shade, it’s crucial to go through a transition phase. “The general rule of thumb is not to go two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color,” says Albert Amin , celebrity colorist at Albert Amin Salon of NYC. If you’re still not sure which hue is right for you, he recommends going to a wig store and trying on different colored wigs before meeting with your stylist. This “playtime” will give you an idea of how the color will look on you without the commitment.


Drop the box color

albert amin salon albert amin salon

For any type of color job, experts say it’s crucial to set up a consultation appointment with a professional colorist or hairstylist who specializes in hair colors. One of our highly experienced hair colorists are ready to better assist you in really finding out which shade will best enhance your looks. In addition, seeing a professional will save you time, prevent an unwanted bathroom mess or worse, a hair disaster.

Whether you’re a brunette looking to go blonde or vice versa, leave the dramatic transformations, in particular, to us the professionals. “At-home hair color has the potential to go horribly wrong, and we know and guaranty how to color correct, as well as bring out the most perfect shade for every client,” says NYC-based stylistAlbert Amin. To ensure that you’ll be completely satisfied with the results, always bring a photo of the color and/or style you have mind to the colorist during your consultation.

It’s Not Just About Your Hair

albert amin salon albert amin salon

You may want to go sun-kissed blonde or vibrant red, but is the color you’ve been eyeing on right for you?  We are Best Hair Color Salon will make sure to help you to choose the right hair color to compliment your skin, as our experts say is key to enhancing the hue. “Your skin tone is the most important factor when picking out the right shade,” explains Albert Amin. “Cool toned skin should also be cool toned in hair color, just as warm toned skin should opt for warmer toned hair color.” How do you know which one you fall under? “One way is to ask yourself which looks better on you, gold or silver jewelry,” says Albert. “If you say gold, then you will most likely fall in the warm family and silver in the cool family.”