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Have you ever gone to the salon and had a dye job go terribly wrong? Or had an at-home hair color treatment turn tragic? After spending loads of time and money to achieve head-turning hair color, you can’t help but feel defeated. But we’re here to remind you that there’s always a solution. Generally, the  hair color correction mix will include a low-strength developer with a conditioner to prevent stressing the hair any more than necessary. The actual color involved will depend on the offending color tones present: for green tones, use red based color; for orange tones, use blue based color; for overly yellow/brassy tones, we use a violet based color; and vice-versa.

If your hair color turned out too dark, Albert Amin hair color correction specialist of Albert Amin Salon recommends waiting at least 24 hours before sudsing up with your regular shampoo and a teaspoon of baking soda. Sit with this solution on for 15 minutes, then wash out. To repair hair that’s too light, she suggests painting individual strands in shades of caramel, butterscotch or suede instead of dumping one color on top of your entire head. Concealing grey hair without altering your overall natural color can be made easy with a cream, demi-permanent hair color. 


What a Professional Colorist Will Do for hair that has come out lighter than anticipated, a colorist may choose to apply a darker shade to the whole head, or to add lowlights that balance out the incorrect color. Toners can also be useful for correcting hair color by a shade or two and are particularly useful in balancing out brassy shades when a blonde color has gone wrong. For hair that is darker than intended, color remover can be used, such as the market leading Goldwell color remover system, which is advocated by any number of coloring experts. The process nurtures the hair and retains the natural tone, while stripping away the incorrect color that has been applied. The stylist is then able to apply the color that was originally desired, without the hair being damaged in the process.How to Take Care of Your Hair After Color CorrectionFor hair that has come out redder than intended, brown low lights or an overall brown tint can help to correct the color while retaining some of the red tones, for a lovely warm result that isn’t too bright and showy. Clarifying treatments can also help with removing or toning down darker shades – again, an expert colorist can advise on the best approach. Hair care following  hair color correction is extremely important if the corrected color is to be kept looking its best. Avoiding washing the hair too soon after coloring will help to retain the color – hair should be left unwashed for two or more days if possible. Using lukewarm water for washing will also be beneficial, as will avoiding the use of too many heated styling products.You don’t have to settle for less than the color of your dreams. Whether you had a devastating experience at another salon or perhaps a bad experience with a boxed hair color at home, our color correction service at Albert Amin Salon can work wonders! At your appointment, we will examine the health and current condition of your hair, ask detailed questions to learn exactly the color that you want, and then we’ll make recommendations for how to repair and restore the beauty of your locks!

albert amin salon


Color care products, including shampoos, conditioners, mousses and intensive treatments can also be an important part of keeping hair color looking as bright and beautiful as it did in the salon. A huge range of products is available, but some of the best will be those that can be purchased directly from the salon that applied the color correction.