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Yes, You Can End Your Bad Hair Day Blues

Have you recently found yourself half-singing, half-moaning the “Bad Hair Day Blues”? after messing with your hair for an hour in the morning, only to watch it resume the same appearance it had when you woke up?

After Kate Upton saw herself in the mirror looking like this, she probably sang the same dreary words you’ve sang before–you know, that song about how your hair looks like an old mop that’s been blow-dried by one of those huge wind fans they use in movies about hurricanes and tornadoes. Yeah, that song!

Tame that Mop with Keratin Treatments

If Kate Upton had treated her hair with keratin, she would have had sleek, gorgeous, straight hair and a picture worthy of her beauty. Instead, she’s singin’ the “Bad Hair Day Blues”.

Keratin is magical protein that is the primary component in your skin, hair and nails. Without it, your nails would be brittle, your skin dry and wrinkly (even in your 20s) and your hair, well, you probably wouldn’t even have any hair. In addition to straightening and smoothing funky-frizzy hair, keratin treatments also offer restorative properties to hair that doesn’t typically suffer bad days and significantly reduce blow-dry time.

Keratin levels in your hair diminish over time from all the good-bad things we do to our hair–coloring, overshampooing, perms, blow-drying, sunbathing and, unfortunately, aging. Nourishing hair with superior keratin products like Coppola Keratin Complex or Lasio Keratin treatments replace lost keratin and transform your hair from lifeless to lustrous.

Keratin treatments will also give you these additional benefits so that you’ll be doing a happy dance instead of singin’ the blues before you leave for work in the morning:

  • After a keratin treatment, you’ll be able to walk around in high humidity or even light rain and your hair won’t suddenly turn into big hairy monster right out of a Stephen King movie.
  • Keratin treatments typically last up to three months (depending on how fast your hair grows), cause no side effects and work effectively to defrizz and smooth all kinds of hair textures.
  • You can ditch the mousse, freeze sprays and gels after your hairdresser gives you a keratin treatment. You won’t need them anymore since your hair is always silky, smooth and straight.
  • Keratin restores damaged hair cuticles that contribute to freaky frizz while providing extra protection from atmospheric pollutants and UV radiation.
  • Instead of including formaldehyde in its formula,  the Coppola Keratin treatment contains a minimal amount of organic aldehyde that is more effective than irritating, noxious-smelling formaldehyde.

Of course, the best reason for pampering your hair with Coppola Keratin Complex or a Lasio Keratin treatment is–you won’t be singing the “Bad Hair Day Blues” anymore!

Oh, and did we mention all the sweet compliments you’ll be getting?

Book online or call 212.570.4001 to schedule an appointment to end your bad hair days.

About Albert Amin

Albert Amin is the owner and lead stylist of Albert Amin Salon on the Upper East Side in New York City. He has over 20 years experience and has been featured in Page Six of the New York Post as a top stylist and colorist in New York.